Max Muscle knows weight loss. It’s what we do. And we’ve done it again.

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s popular cleansing and weight loss product, Max Cleanse & Lean Advanced, provides a three-pronged approach to shredding your body by maximizing your metabolism, cleansing internally for leanness and removing excess fluid for hardness. But for those looking for the ultimate body slimming product, search no further than MMSN’s latest innovative supplement: Max Cleanse & Lean Advanced.

Cleanse & Lean Advanced’s formula includes a powerful thermogenic to maximize calorie burning, an appetite suppressant to control calorie intake and a potent water-loss blend for shredding, all while maintaining the effective cleansing support of our original formula.

Two of the most common reasons people give to explain why they failed in their quest to lose weight: hunger and motivation. Well, guess what? If you’ve ever experienced one of these setbacks, Cleanse & Lean Advanced was made for you. This advanced formula will keep you feeling full and the quick noticeable results you’ll see (particularly in your abs) will motivate you to keep moving forward toward achieving your weight loss goal.

The biggest change from Max Muscle’s original Cleanse & Lean formula is the Appetite Management and Thermogenic Blend. The synergistic formula in this blend is proven to get results. Slimaluma is an extract from the caralluma fimbriata plant and has been used for centuries as a natural appetite suppressant in India. Several human clinical trials have proven its efficacy to suppress hunger, reduce body weight and body fat, reduce body mass index (BMI) and reduce waist and hip circumference.

This blend also includes caffeine and green tea extract, both powerful in the breakdown of stubborn fat while providing energy and a thermogenic (fat-burning) effect. Two exciting ingredients, Cissus Quadrangularis and African Mango, have shown in recent studies to promote fat loss without diet or exercise! African Mango also acts as an appetite suppressant because it helps to regulate levels of the hormone leptin.

The Intestinal Cleansing Complex of Cleanse & Lean Advanced is just as powerful as the original formula. We’ve included 1321933592-candLadvancedan all-natural blend of intestinal healthy fibers such as cascara segrada bark powder and extract, senna leaf extract, fennel seed powder, horsetail herb extract, psyllium husk powder and slippery elm powder. Aloe Vera, known for its healing effects, is not only effective for external body healing, but when taken internally, has shown to have positive effects on healing stomach ulcers, promoting regularity, cleansing the intestines and colon and helping with other stomach disorders. Like the original formula, Cleanse & Lean Advanced provides aloe vera and the amazing health benefits of this plant.

Water retention and bloating can mask the body we worked hard to achieve. The Water Loss Support Blend found in Cleanse & Lean Advanced was designed to make sure you feel hard and look lean. Both uva ursi leaf extract and dandelion are included – leaf extract promotes fluid loss – and each naturally contain potassium, helping to provide a healthy electrolyte balance. In addition, these herbs cleanse the liver, which is critical for fat loss, since the liver is where all fat is metabolized in the body.

Cleanse & Lean Advanced will help you no matter where you are in your weight-loss efforts. Just beginning a weight-loss program? This is the product to get you started with a big bang. Hit a plateau? This is the product to get you back to burning fat and dropping pounds again. Need to lose those last 10 pounds? This is the product that will help you finally reach your goal. Have a special holiday party coming up? This is the product that will have you showing off in that body-hugging dress, super short skirt or tight clinging shirt.

It doesn’t get much easier than Max Cleanse & Lean Advanced. Try it today! MS&F

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