I was recently at a local high school function that dozens of coaches and athletic officials attended. I was happy to learn that virtually all prominent athletes were using Max Muscle products. The coaches were all well aware of the fact that their athletes need supplemental protein products to help them recover from intense training for their sports. Max Muscle stresses that while protein is very important in repairing and recovering from intense workouts, good nutrition as a whole still needs to be your primary focus.

Your body is a complex mechanism with thousands of chemical reactions that rely on nutrition and proper health to 1332364914-1295206002-1293123353-JoeBWmaintain its balance. It’s truly amazing all the functions that your body can perform. From brain activity to the movement of each individual muscle fiber, nutrition powers it all. If you don’t supply your body with the nutrients it needs, it will slow down and begin to function poorly. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are all essential parts of our daily lives and our overall health and well-being, and as an athlete you need to make sure these bases are covered as well.

Athletes demand more from their bodies, and you as an athlete or parent should be aware of just how important proper nutrition can be. If you’ve ever felt your body give up when it is completely drained of nutrients – it’s called “bonking” or “hitting the wall” when your body shuts down – then you understand the importance of nutrition.

Twenty-five years ago, most people did not even know what carbohydrate-loading was, and it has become one of the biggest breakthroughs in sports nutrition. Endurance athletes were the first to discover its benefits, finding that they could run longer and delay “hitting the wall” if they ate large amounts of dense-carbohydrate foods, such as pasta, grains and bread one or two days before their event. Soon other athletes adopted this practice, from football players and basketball players to virtually any athlete in any sport that required energy and endurance for more than one hour at a time.

Another huge breakthrough in sports nutrition was discovering the importance of replenishing electrolyte minerals in athletes’ bodies. Electrolytes are the minerals that your body sweats out during exercise, such as potassium, sodium and chloride, and they all can affect your athletic performance. Gatorade was the master marketer of the electrolyte explosion. Now all athletes make sure they hydrate and supplement with electrolytes before and during their athletic events.

Many runners or weekend warrior athletes don’t think they need to worry about recovery. I like to point out that during a short run or a pickup game of basketball, you will flex your thigh muscles several thousand times. When you run, jump, cut left or right, you are flexing your leg muscles. Yes, thousands of repetitions at a time! When you think of it that way, it’s easy to see how muscles can be over-trained. If athletes don’t eat a proper diet and get higher amounts of protein, their legs can become fatigued from over-training and actually lose muscle mass. If you want to get stronger and faster and jump higher, you’d better eat adequate protein to ensure proper recovery.

Max Muscle stresses the importance of proper nutrition, which is vital to ensuring that you are not an over-trained athlete. Our stores have Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches in them. We also offer a free “Student Athlete Guide to Proper Nutrition.” Stop by and get yours today! MS&F

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