Size 16 to 6 – what are your goals?

Size 16 to 6 – what are your goals?

Max Muscle products are part of my daily life.  July 2012 I weighed almost 200lbs and was wearing size 16, which was a tight fit.    Going to the gym, small diet adjustments and water were just the beginning.  September 2012 I began working with a running coach – no I was not a runner and had never been an athlete in my life – so this was a big step!

Slowly I discovered the athlete in me and Max Muscle products have been a part of that journey.  Enduromax is a staple in my workout routine, especially on days when I have double or long workouts, it gets me through!  It even went with me to Breckenridge for a Trail Half Marathon Labor Day 2013.  L-Carnitine, CLA, Vitacell and Cleanse & Lean all provide support for my busy schedule of full time work, being a wife and mother and of course intense training schedule as well.  Emerge is one of my favorite products that tastes great, provides me with energy and is an excellent appetite suppressant.

The staff at Max Muscle always provide me with honest information regarding their products and what I can expect from them.  Thank you Max Muscle for making great products and providing support on my journey.  Today I weigh 154lbs and wear a size 6 and feel like this is just the beginning…

Sep before & after

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