Winter may be right around the corner but we think it’s about time for a little spring cleaning! Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Cleanse & Lean is spring cleaning for your body. It removes toxins and waste, tightens up your body by removing excess water, aids in digestion and will even help you shed some unwanted pounds!

What’s in It?
Cleanse & Lean contains ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract. Cascara segrada bark powder and extract, senna leaf powder and aloe vera are considered natural stimulant laxatives, which increase the contraction of the muscles in the intestines and induce bowel movements. Aloe Vera, in addition to its laxative effects, also aids in bowel detoxification and healing of the intestinal tract. Psyllium husk powder is a water-soluble fiber. Psyllium is commonly added to diets that are low in fiber and is helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol, constipation, colon cancer and more. Fennel seed powder is used for intestinal health, water retention and removal of toxins from the body. Slippery elm bark powder and turkey rhubarb powder are both used to improve intestinal health and proper digestion. Dandelion, horsetail and barberry help to promote leanness by eliminating unwanted water as well as promote a healthy urinary tract. Dandelion is also beneficial in cleansing of the liver and kidneys. Cleanse & Lean was designed to be taken with your normal diet. It works with your body to act fast but not harshly like some laxatives do.

Why Use It?1382410945-detox
Cleanse & Lean can be used in the following ways:
Jump-start a weight-loss plan
Look your best for a special event
Cleanse your body and remove toxins
Promote regularity

People have been cleansing for thousands of years because of the physical and mental benefits you experience. Body cleanses work to remove toxins from our digestive system. A big benefit from a cleanse is the natural energy you’ll feel. Your skin looks better, you feel leaner and when you feel good on the inside, the happier you are.

Deep body cleanses can help to lower your accumulation of toxins. Everyone, no matter how clean a life you lead, will accumulate toxins, and over time this accumulation can overload our detoxification system and keep our body from running as efficiently as it should. An overload of toxins may also be a major cause of many diseases. As part of a deep body cleanse, Cleanse & Lean can be taken with L-Tox, ADRX, Essential Omega, L-Glutamine, Vit-Acell, turmeric, red clover and Max Green Synergy. These products taken together will help cleanse your liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, blood and lungs.

So, whether you’re trying to lean out and show off the body you’ve worked so hard for, get regular, or take control of your internal health, Cleanse & Lean will help you get there.


Benefits of Taking Cleanse & Lean
Weight loss
Improved sleep
Immune boost
Remove excess water
Improved skin quality
Promote a healthy urinary tract
Removal of toxins and waste
Improve the health of the intestines


Important Tips For a Successful Cleanse

1. Add more soluble fiber during cleansing! Fiber and Max Cleanse & Lean work together. Fiber acts like a mop, gathering up toxic materials released and helping to sweep them out of your body.

2. Drink more water than you usually do! Bloating is often a result of festering bacteria from backed up food in our bodies that is fermenting and sending out poisons through our bloodstreams. Water helps to flush the toxins in your body and even dilutes their concentrations during the detoxification process.

3. Bring down your toxic load! Opt for organic and pesticide-free foods so you have fewer toxins in your body. Don’t forget about the psychological toxins, too. Don’t schedule your cleanse during a high stress time. Instead, consider taking some personal down time, and be sure to support your body with exercise while you’re cleansing.


Cleanse & Lean Testimonial
Katie Cowan, 33
Shops at Max Muscle Highlands Ranch, Colorado
How long have you been using Cleanse & Lean? Almost two years.
Other Max Muscle products used: MaxPro Strawberry, Essential Omega Pineapple and Emerge Pineapple
How has Cleanse & Lean helped you? Cleanse & Lean keeps the water weight off and I don’t notice bloating anymore – ever! Flat stomach! It keeps my body feeling clean and strong. No jitters! … Max Muscle products are awesome! The staff and service of the company are the icing on cake. Very impressive! MS&F

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