As Thanksgiving come to an end, we are left with memories and (unfortunately for most of us) a few unwanted pounds! Most of us want to shed a few inches, but not many of us know how to do it and keep it off. We have all tried those “quick fix” diets but these diets are unhealthy, hard to follow for an extended amount of time and leave your body drained of important nutrients and energy.

Now that all of the holiday meals have been eaten we are left with a mess. Not in the kitchen, but in our bellies! Your body simply cannot digest and get rid of all the gunk you fed it over the holidays! The first step to getting you on your way to a healthier you is Max Muscle’s Cleanse & Lean. This product will act as Roto-Rooter to your gastrointestinal (GI) tract and clean out an average of 5 pounds of buildup. Along with leaving you feeling lighter, this process of cleaning you out will allow your body the opportunity to be able to absorb and digest at its best.

The next step in the road to success would be to take a simple stack of Max Muscle’s Femme Lean & Balance and Max 1293123626-ken_BWCLA. Femme Lean is a no jitter, all-natural approach to women’s fat loss. Stacked with MAX CLA (which helps your body target belly fat), you’ll be dropping inches in no time! It is crucial to the success of your program that you know proper nutrition for your own body’s make up. When done right, the trio of supplementation, healthy eating and training is an unbeatable force!

A good example of a workout for an average woman looking to lean out while keeping shape and bettering her cardio health would look something like the following. Remember, keep it at a weight you can feel the burn, but with proper form. Depending on your fitness level, do 10 to 15 reps per exercise and do two to four sets of each superset, which is two exercises back to back.

Day 1: Upper Body Circuit
Superset 1: Lat pull downs superset with tricep rope/cable extensions
Superset 2: Rope bicep curl superset with rear delt flys at machine or with dumbbells
Superset 3: Seated shoulder press superset with 1 minute plank (for your core)
Abs: Woodchoppers at cables

Day 2: Lower Body Circuit
Superset 1: Incline leg press superset with medicine ball squat (hold ball, squat, then stand and extend ball above head)
Superset 2: Hamstring leg curl superset with seated quad extension
Superset 3: Walking lunges with dumbbells (15 steps per leg) superset with step-ups with dumbbells, 1 minute each leg
Abs: Side planks, up to 1 minute each side

Day 3: Rest
People who want to lose weight tend to over-train. In the end, it only hurts them rather than benefits them! Five days a week of moderate cardio will keep your heart, lungs and mind at their healthiest. Also, enough water, sleep, proper nutrition and supplementation, plus cardiovascular and resistance training all need to be combined the right way to achieve your fitness goals. MS&F

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