Motivating Youth Leads to Success

Motivating Youth Leads to Success

When we first heard about the Nutrition Plan offered to the lacrosse players, we were a bit hesitant due to the level of commitment required and the motivation and discipline our son Andrew would have to display to realize the benefits. Based on positive comments from other lacrosse players and families, we decided to meet with Bryan Cash to hear more about the program. Bryan spent considerable time talking with Andrew about his goals, current nutrition and fitness routine. Most importantly he emphasized that he did not want Andrew to sign up unless he was willing to assume the personal responsibility for his own success in the program. From that moment forward, we knew the program was exactly what Andrew needed to increase his speed, endurance, overall fitness level and improve his ability to establish and achieve personal goals.IMG (12)

Bryan immediately set goals based on Andrew’s fitness level and created a nutrition plan to help him achieve those goals. We were very impressed by Bryan’s knowledge and commitment to provide Andrew the tools, guidance and motivation to succeed. Bryan incorporated foods that Andrew enjoyed and designed a daily meal plan tailored to Andrew’s daily activity levels. In the 6 weeks that Andrew has been participating, we have seen a notable difference in his fitness level and stamina. His speed and endurance have substantially increased and he is reaching his weight and body composition goals. His body fat has decreased from 15.2% to 11.7%, a remarkable reduction in a short time.

We have been most impressed by Bryan’s ability to motivate Andrew by incorporating a “team” approach based on frequent communication and feedback. This program requires discipline but the rewards are tremendous. In addition to the increased fitness levels, Andrew’s on-field confidence, energy levels and muscle growth have all increased. Thanks to Bryan and his program, Andrew now chooses to eat well-balanced meals as he understands the direct impact that diet has on health and performance.

Bryan Cash is owner of Max Muscle South Metro.

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