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As we close our first year of the rethink strong campaign, I want to thank every woman who shared her story with us. This month I decided that instead of honoring a specific woman, I wanted to honor a group of women…..Moms!

I believe moms are the epitome of strong. We tend to be the backbone of our families, as well as, the heart and soul. Moms are asked to be cooks, maids, nurses, counselors, taxi drivers, teachers, hair stylists, personal shoppers, and obviously, the list goes on and on.

Strength is the mom who works full time outside of the home, but comes home every evening to taxi her kids, make dinner, help with homework, get laundry done, and does it all before she gets a chance to slip off her work shoes and relax. Strength is the stay at home mom whose day is filled with diapers, and tantrums, and mind numbing cartoons, and “I cannot possibly play one more round of candy land.” Her greatest delight is an adult conversation and a lunch that isn’t interrupted 500 times, but she’d never give up the opportunity that’s been given to her, because the “I love you, mommy,” is the best payment. Strength is the single mom who is working 1,2, sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet, and provide food, clothing, and shelter for her family. These women are sometimes mom and dad both, and while the days get long and weeks get hard, she never stomps her foot in defeat, but she keeps plugging away for the love of her children. Strength is the mom who has a child in Heaven, and while she has had days where she didn’t think she could physically go on with life, she somehow found the strength to keep living for her other children, her husband, her friends and her family. Strength is the mom who chose adoption, and opened her heart and home to a child in need. This mom knows that the second she laid eyes on that child, that he/she was as much hers as any biological child, and there is no difference in her unconditional love. Strength is the mom whose children are full grown, but she knows that age does not lessen the worry, or loosen the tie that binds her kids to heart.

When our daughter, Harper about was 9 months old, and our son, Cedric, was 3 years old, I commented to my dad that, “I couldn’t wait until the kids were older, because things would be easier.” Dad just laughed and said “They never get easier, each stage brings a new, more difficult challenge.” Dad couldn’t have been more right, because while the physical sheer exhaustion of baby/toddler stage dissipates, the emotional worrying sets in as they get older. Motherhood should come with a disclaimer that her heart will break more for her kids, then it ever will for herself, but she will feel more joy, pride, and love than she ever thought possible.

To all of us moms, no matter where we are in the motherhood stage, let’s stand together for one another. Let us remember that we all make mistakes, we all have days we want to just curl up in fetal position and cry, and we all have days where only a glass of wine will make everything better. If I can offer a piece of advice, be willing to listen to those who have gone before you, because none of us has all the answers, but someone may have the answer you need. To the new moms, don’t be offended when we “older” moms tell you, “Enjoy every second, it sure goes fast.” Because, we are reminding ourselves, as much as we are telling you. Let’s try to forgive ourselves for the days we feel we made huge mistakes as moms, or the times we forget school lunches, projects, green shirts for St. Patrick’s Day, or the tooth fairy forgot to show up, or even for the fact that our youngest child doesn’t have a scrapbook. Who am I kidding? None of my kids have scrapbooks, but I tried with the first one.

Being a Mom is the single hardest job in the world, it is exhausting, emotionally draining, at times it can be mind numbing and cumbersome. However, it is truly the most rewarding “job.” Watching your children grow and become their own unique person, well that is a magical show, and one worth paying the admission to attend. So, on the days where you think you cannot take one more second of crying, incessant questions, 1000 eye rolls, or another grunt in place of an answer, remember this one little gem, the “mom curse”. You know the one where your mom says, “I hope you have kids who act just like you.” Well, sprinkle that on your kids every chance you get, because it works, and paybacks are fun, and someday your children will call you and not only apologize for their behavior while growing up, they will thank you for your love, guidance, support, and patience. To my Mom, I have already apologized and thanked her for being the very best mom in the whole world. I beg of her, please take the curse off, I have learned my lesson!!