Meet Chris Williams

Meet Chris Williams

My name is Chris Williams, I am 28 years old and I live in Greeley, Co. Now why is my story any different from any other Max Muscle customer? Well here it is. In May of last year I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunset when a strange feeling came over me and I started to get a weird taste of copper in my mouth. I quickly realized these were signs of an oncoming seizure.I was able to get a text to my wife who was inside the house. By the time she got to me I was in the middle of an all-out seizure. My wife was able to get me in the house and into a safe place. The next day I went to see my doctor and he confirmed it was a seizure, the first in my life. He referred me to a neurologist who put me through a full battery of tests.  It was June by the time they got all my results compiled and I was called into his office. Holding my wife’s hand I got the terrible news. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy! This was a complete shock tome. I immediately lost so many things that were dear to me. My ability to drive, to rough house with my three year old son (who is my world) and complete control of my body. Over the course of 6 months I went through more tests and the trials of trying to find right combination of meds to help, “Control,” my seizures.During this entire time I had 13 more seizures and at one point there was tall about brain surgery. Also during this time I was not able to anything active,especially go the gym and workout. I had lost a total of 20 lbs. and had little to no muscle strength or definition. After a time and finally starting to feel normal I met with friend Victoria Fonseth. She was telling me how she had been competing in Fitness Competitions and absolutely loved it. I mentioned that I had always thought about competing in the Physique category. She very sincerely said, “Why don’t you? You could do it.” At that moment a light bulb went off in my head and I thought, “Why can’t I?” After getting more information from her,Dolly (as we call her) informed me to stop into the local Max Muscle where she happened to be working. After discussing it with my doctor he gave me the ok to start this journey, and said that in fact it may even help me. So I took Dolly’s advice and went into the Greeley Max Muscle. There I was greeted by a massive man, the owner Rodney Garcia. He not only sold me on the products but educated me as well on fitness, nutrition and training. I left with not just the Core 4but a feeling of inspiration and motivation. I joined Work Out West, where many other Fitness Competitors trained and started working out. As a family man and working 40 hours a week I had no choice but to get a 4am so I could start workout by 430am. Rodney and the team from Max Muscle informed me I needed to bulk up if I was serious about competing. So I started my Journey. That was in November of 2011. By the middle of January 2012 I had gained 25 lbs. of muscle.I knew at that point I could really do it. I had become a VIP member at Max Muscle and developed good friendships with all their staff. Dolly and I see each other at the gym all the time and she very motivating. Now it is May, a year since my first seizure. Since starting my fitness journey, I have put on a total of 35 lbs. of muscle, I am stronger now than I have ever been, and I have been seizure free for over four months now. I am well on my way to competing in my first show, which will be as the end of August. Max Muscle and their staff have done so much for me and really changed my life. Now I am taking many supplements to aid in my journey as well as on a customized diet plan that was put together by the Greeley Max Muscle’s Micah Hoefling.  I have recommended many people to Max Muscle and they too are seeing great results. Thank you to Max Muscle for helping me get my life back.

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