Max Muscle Draper *COMING SOON*

Max Muscle Draper *COMING SOON*

Max Muscle Utah is expanding with our newest location *COMING SOON* to Draper, UT – 428 E. 12300 S. Draper, Utah 84020 to be exact!! Stay posted for details, but in the meantime meet Kyle Dudley, our franchisee that’s making it happen.

Kyle has a lovely wife Suzanne of 29 years. Four beautiful daughters Karalee (26), Darci (24), Erica our perfect angel born a trisomy 18 and graced our presence a short 3 months, and Steffany (19). Karalee is married to John Thaxton and they have provided Kyle and his wife with their only grandson Talon Kyle Thaxton (6).

Kyle’s Story:

Kyle was born in Murray, Utah over half a century ago. As a child his parents made it possible for him to participate in any and all sports. Although the family budget was tight mom and especially dad made sure he always had the best cleats, baseball glove, basketball, and spikes for running track. His favorite sport was football and as running back for Murray High School received All-State honors. Kyle continued his football career by earning a scholarship to play at Dixie College in St. George,Utahin the fall of 1977.  Just 50 miles south of where Max Muscle’s founder, Joe Wells was beginning his college career. The injury bug got the best of him and after recovering from a torn hamstring he followed that up with blowing out his knee tearing the ACL, MCL, and meniscus. Not good for a running back. His college football career was over.

Now the dilemma, Kyle needed a job but what could he do knowing he was going to be on crutches for over a year. He landed a job at the phone company back then known as Mountain Bell.  That’s where he met his wife Suzanne and they were married in 1983. The phone company career continued but changed. Back when the Bell system broke up he went with AT&T then was laid off. He was hired back at Mountain Bell which by now was under a new company called U.S. West. That was then taken over by Qwest when CEO’s where using corporations as their personal play grounds i.e. Enron. Both Kyle and his wife’s 401k took a massive hit. The most recent take over was Century link. With each name change quality of life was deteriorating. Kyle was now making less money then 15 years ago and paying out more for fewer benefits. He was in corporate bondage. Tired of his life being so dependant on the actions of a corporation he needed a change. After 26 years of service and still second from bottom in seniority he had to decide what he wanted to do when he grew up. The phone company had been good. It helped him raise his family and provide a good home for his 4 daughters. Kyle has been able to make sports a part of their lives as well. They’ve become experts in girls soccer. We even sent the youngest to play inCaliforniaforMenloCollegein the Bay area.

After much deliberation Kyle had to decide if he could do anything what would it be. The answer to that was crucial because at his age, he knew he needed to have passion for whatever endeavor he was about to undertake. His passion as it turned out was working out. He still has the bad knee but his football roots have always kept him in the weight room.  So passion was his #1 priority. Kyle’s #2 was that it was going to have to make him grow as an individual, challenge him and over make him a better person. As it turns out he knew very little about nutrition but had a desire to learn a lot more. At age 50 he stepped up my work outs and concentrated on nutrition and got as lean as he’d had ever been since the football career ended. His #3 was that he had to be able to make money at it. He still needs to provide a living for himself and his family but it would be nice if his hard work actually paid off in a monetary form. His #4 priority was that he had to be able to help people along the way. After hearing an ad on the radio for Max Muscle his first thought was that is the coolest name ever. Then they talked about franchise opportunities.

He had already been investigating other nutrition type franchises so he jumped at the chance. Max Muscle was able fulfill all the requirements that he had. Kyle also felt that having never owned a business before Max Muscle gives him the best chance for success. As he found out for himself Max Muscle has the finest products on the market. Probably most important he feels that he is part of a team and family that wants him to succeed.

So there’s the short version. After all were talking over 50 years worth. He’s looking forward to this new career which he calls his new adventure as an owner and customer of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. He looks forward to keeping an active and healthy Max Muscle lifestyle. Thanks to all who have supported him, family and friends a like.  And thanks for reading his story.

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