BLOCK BY BLOCK, the mason levels, measures and perfects the square. The superintendent is yelling at the mason to get the project done quickly so framework can begin. The clock is ticking … yet the mason stays focused and patient. He knows his job has to be perfect. There is no room for error because one small miscalculation could put the entire project in jeopardy.

This painstaking task of building the foundation is the most overlooked aspect of any building project, yet it is the most crucial to future success. The superintendent continues to put the pressure on, but the mason continues diligently, focused, steady.

When a building project such as a house or office is complete, we may tend to judge it by the outside appearances: dimensions, style, color and uniqueness. But the true design success of the project started with the foundation. Building a healthy body is no different.

To establish a foundation for our own body’s architecture we start at the core. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s Core 4 to be exact.

There has been a buzz in the industry the past few months surrounding the launch of MMSN’s Core 4 program and the exclusive products that comprise it. Why of all the products MMSN offers are Max GlutaMatrix, Max Vit-Acell, Max EFAs and the MMSN Proteins deemed the most critical to someone’s success?

MMSN President Sean Greene recently took time to shed some insight into the validity and efficacy of these products. Not only did he paint a clear and vivid picture of what Core 4 can do for you, but he presented a crystal clear message, which is MMSN truly cares about its customers’ success and will not waver from its commitment to the purest ingredients and highest manufacturing standards in the industry.

The Core Issue
According to Sean, Core 4’s results-driven program focuses on establishing a healthy lifestyle first and foremost – a foundation, if you will. Whatever your goals, the four products (glutamine, essential fatty acids, protein and multi-vitamins) in the program help establish a base from which you can build a beautiful and sturdy house. If you have a strong base of nutrition, you can frame your four “walls” of health – resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, healthy eating habits and adequate recovery– on top of that foundation to get those sleek lines that result in rave reviews.

If you frame your four walls of health atop an unstable foundation of fad diets and other bad habits, sooner or later the foundation will crack and your house will eventually fall. So, your nutritional supplement program has to perform much like the mason does and has to be reliable, deliberate, steady and continuous even under the most stressful of conditions.

But why do these particular nutrients featured in the Core 4 program carry so much importance? Could it be that they support lean muscle tissue, increase metabolism, strengthen the immune system, support the gastrointestinal system, provide a natural source of energy and promote healthy cholesterol levels? Ah, so now you understand the name. This program focuses on the core measures of good health. They are the essentials to a long and healthy life. “These are going to be the cornerstones, the basic four essentials,” said Dr. Phil Harvey, MMSN’s chief science officer and head of the product development team. “If you look at each one, they are very basic elements. Together, they hit all the bases.”

Four Part Harmony images
The first step of the Core 4 program is incorporating protein into your diet every three to four hours. What customers quickly discover after just a few weeks is that protein intake actually increases the body’s natural metabolism by ensuring proper muscle tissue recovery and growth. MMSN had earned a reputation within the industry for producing high quality great-tasting proteins long before the thought of franchising even began. MMSN offers 30 different varieties in seven different categories so you are bound to find one that fits your tastes and needs. By the way, ladies, increasing your protein will not make you look like a muscle-bulging She-Ra. You don’t have the testosterone levels to add muscle to the extent a man does. Just know that without protein, you will not be able to achieve that defined and fit body you are striving for.

So, let’s see, higher metabolism equals more calories burned equals less fat stored equals better definition. Not a bad start, right?

After protein comes glutamine and preferably Max GlutaMatrix, which comes in powdered form easy to mix with protein shakes or convenient easy-to-swallow capsules. Glutamine in general promotes a healthy intestinal tract, muscle recovery and support, natural GH release and immune system enhancement but Max GlutaMatrix takes glutamine supplementation to a new level. By combining a blend of four forms of glutamine along with a quick delivery system, this product gets into the muscle and digestive tract tissue quickly and continually for hours as each type of glutamine is absorbed at different speeds. This promotes sustained recovery benefits much like a time released protein.

Additionally, this revolutionary product can be added to BCAAs or other recovery or endurance type products to create a very refreshing and effective performance drink. When discussing Max GlutaMatrix, Sean could not contain his enthusiasm. “Max GlutaMatrix is a flat out turbocharged glutamine blend for extremely accelerated muscle recovery and GH support. No one else has this blend and most importantly, it delivers absolutely fantastic results. I can’t imagine taking another glutamine product pre or post workout!”

Max Vit-Acell has long been one of MMSN’s top 5 best sellers and for good reason. Nowhere else can you find a superior liquid vitamin/mineral supplement with a patented delivery process ensuring optimum absorption. In a tangy orange flavored formula you can drink straight out of the bottle or add to a protein shake, this little goodie packs some powerful nutrients. It contains more than 100 vitamins, minerals, and herbs and is loaded with Bioflavonoids, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea Extract, Glucosamine and Digestive Enzymes. Are we to believe this single supplement supports digestion, memory, joint health, a healthy immune system and GH support while providing a source of natural energy? “Absolutely. These are critical nutrients to overall health,” said Sean. “The cost of these products separately in a highly absorbable form like this could run well over a $100 a month. We have done it for about a dollar a day. This is why we tend to refer to Max Vit-Acell as ‘Liquid Gold’.”

To finish the cornerstones of the foundation, Max EFAs (essential fatty acids) provide a blend of Omega-3, 6 and 9. The American diet is lacking in the omegas unlike the Mediterranean diet, which consists of high amounts of these. Omegas are considered healthy fats and before you start thinking you don’t want fat in your diet, think again. “Healthy fats help regulate fat metabolism,” explained Sean, who follows the Core 4 program every day. “I know this sounds contradictory to people first learning about EFAs, but it’s true.” In actuality, healthy fats entice the body to burn stored fat, lower bad cholesterol levels and help the body secrete hormones properly. Max EFAs consist of flax, CLA, EPO, wheat germ and borage seed oils and is a highly synergistic blend designed to substantially impact overall health and support natural hormonal development.

Rather than take Sean’s word for it, read on for some real-life testimonials of people in different parts of the United States who are experiencing tremendous results from implementing the Core 4 program into their lifestyles.

The Right Angle
About 3 years ago, 67-year old Eddie Nelson of Jacksonville, Florida started taking a multivitamin – because that’s just what you do when you get older, he thought. After meeting MMSN Regional Director Vince Bagni and local franchisee Nancy Southerland, he began taking MMSN’s High 5 protein, Max EFAs and glutamine.

One short month after starting the supplements, Nancy recalled Eddie’s upbeat return to the store. “He came in and said how he was stronger than ever,” she said. Eddie found that he was able to push himself further and accomplish more in his workouts. Running on the track one day, he felt like another motor kicked in where he would normally start to tire. “I felt awesomely strong,” he said. “I knew it came from the supplements.” This definitely made for a happy customer and spiked his motivation to push himself and encourage others.

At more than 400 pounds, Cynthia Richardson had been heavy all her life. Shy and embarrassed about her weight, she was desperately unhappy. When she started having heart palpitations at age 31 and other health concerns, she committed to change her diet and start exercising. That was when she found MMSN and started on a nutrition regimen that included the Core 4 program.

On the program, which included a regular workout schedule, Cynthia lost more than 220 pounds. She has since trained for and competed in marathons and triathlons. She feels better now than she ever has and has a confidence she never knew she could have. She has been an inspiration to countless others and her advice is to never give up. “You will lose your motivation and fall off the wagon,” the Southern California resident said. “It’s natural. The hardest thing you will ever do is get back on. Don’t think about it, just do it!”

It’s one thing to work with someone active and improve their physique but quite another to help someone who has been inactive for the better part of the last few years and help them improve their performance to the point where they set personal best benchmarks. Charles Scrivner of Arizona was an admitted 300-pound couch potato before beginning to take back his health. Implementing a healthy meal plan and exercise routine got Charles back to his more energetic and active self.

But, there came a point where the progress plateaued. Going into his local MMSN store changed all that. The use of the Core 4 program became the cornerstone in his transformation and the results have been eye-opening.

“I am now a 190-pound ‘new’ person who just completed a half marathon in less than two hours. That is the best time I have ever run, even when I was in school,” Charles said. “I feel better than I have in 20 years.” Coupled with hard work and commitment to his own success, Charles credits the Core 4 products with helping him achieve his total fitness transformation, “I am a firm believer in the quality and effectiveness of the MMSN products. I finally achieved the right strategy for success which continues to date.”

John Irvine Jr. in Louisiana, found that at age 33, he was in terrible physical shape. What became the straw that broke the camel’s back is he couldn’t even donate blood because he had high blood pressure. He decided it was high time he took his life and his health back. So, he visited an MMSN and got started on his basics of nutrition … yep, you guessed it: the Core 4. He dropped from 30 percent body fat to 8.6 percent and lost nearly 80 pounds. The supplements helped him get there.

He not only lost weight, but he was healthier than he’d ever been because he was using the supplements to boost his immune system, to increase lean muscle mass and his metabolism and to give him loads of energy.

Now, John is training for triathlons and bodybuilding competitions. He’s happier and more energetic and he owes that in large part to the Core 4 program.

If you are looking to achieve these kinds of results, take up the masonry trade and start laying the perfect foundation for your healthy body today. Call or visit your local Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store today and ask about the Core 4 program. Isn’t your health worth it?

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