As I began the MaxForm Life Challenge, I knew I needed an intense quality workout program that would not only build muscle and burn fat but would provide balance with my family and career. CrossFit became my workout weapon of choice.

CrossFit provided a support system that coached, encouraged and cheered me on. CrossFit creates that family of men and women all seeking better fitness and greater physical abilities. It is defined as a regimen of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a communal environment.

CrossFit provides benchmark workouts to measure your progress and fitness against yourself and others. The workouts can be scaled or modified to meet your fitness levels or workout facility.

This Workout of the Day (WOD), which is one of my favorites, simulates the physical exertion of a mixed martial artist.

Perform each exercise for one minute with no rest as one “round.” Rest one minute after each round is completed. Do 4 rounds.

Box Jumps1390246427-Jolynn
(Men use a 27” box and women use a 20” box.) Jump up with both feet onto the box at the same time. Once you are completely on top of the box, make sure you fully open your hips. Jump back down. That is one rep. Continue for one minute.

Wall Balls
(Men use a 20-lb. medicine ball, women a 14-lb. ball.) Use a wall that has a 10-foot mark from the floor for men, and an 8-foot mark for women. Start in standing position, then drop into a front squat and use an explosive hip drive to push/throw the ball up to the mark on the wall. Immediately drop back into a front squat as you catch the ball back in that position. That is one rep. Note: You can vary the ball weight depending on your training goals, conditioning and strength.

Push Press
Have bar racked with weights at your neck level, hands facing up, backs of arms parallel with the ground. Slightly dip into a front squat. Come up and extend the hips and legs, generating an upward momentum. Once the bar is above your head, your head comes forward as you fully extend hips, legs and arms.
That is one rep.

Air Squats
Stand with your feet at a distance slightly wider than your hips. Keep your weight on your heels. Bend both knees so they come out slightly over your feet. Hold your hands out in front of you to help balance as you lower your hips straight down. Your torso should remain in a vertical position. Stand back up, pushing your hips forward first. That is one rep. MS&F

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