High School Athlete – muscle and strength gain nutrition

High School Athlete – muscle and strength gain nutrition

We brought our 15 year old son to Muscle Max Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree as suggested by our high school coach. WhileNoah Vista sunset our son is a good athlete, he needed to gain some muscle and strength in order to take it to the next level.

While I have done a lot of research about nutrition and weight loss, I had no idea how a diet can be targeted for positive weight gain. We always figured we feed him cheeseburgers and milk shakes and the pounds will just come on. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our family met with Bryan Cash of Max Muscle Lone Tree and he immediately had great suggestions. My favorite part is how right away he got our son involved in the process. By asking several easy questions- the first of which was “What do guys playing your position in division 1 NCAA weigh?”- we were underway. Bryan was quickly able to determine that our son was burning more calories than he was putting in his body primarily because of his food options. Our son is a picky eater, but was committed to putting on weight and staying with this program. In about six weeks he has put on over seven pounds of good weight.

1During our meeting with Bryan, he presented our options in a simple and sensible way. He did not try to get our son to eat things he usually doesn’t, he just took the items we prepare every day and improved on their contents and portion. This allowed us to make small changes without discouraging our son and without forcing him to eat things we knew he just would not. Most importantly, Bryan made certain the whole family can eat together as opposed to our son feeling alienated at dinner time. Bryan has been involved in every step of the process and we could not be happier with the results.

Also worth noting, Bryan has NEVER forced his products on us. There was no “hard sale” and we appreciated that. When he suggested protein shakes and we advised we had some already from a competitor, Bryan encouraged us to use that up before moving on to other products and showing us what Muscle Max can offer. Upon signing up for the program, Bryan explained that the goal is for us to do a few brief months with him, but then go on our own. He never manipulated us to sign up for really long contracts. Per Bryan, his goal is to start us off with him and have us continue on our own going forward. Bryan makes himself available all the time and responds quickly to questions we present. While the entire family is committed to the process, Bryan’s insight and support has been invaluable and there is not doubt in my mind our son will reach his goal.

We have a younger son who will be entering high school next year and will likely have different nutritional needs than our older son. There is no doubt in my mind we will be returning to Bryan to start us off on the right foot in our future needs.

Thank you for everything you do,
Ronen Hirshorn

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