How MaxForm Life Challenge Top 10 contestant, JoLynn Reddon, finally dropped those last 20 pounds and got off the dieting roller coaster for good.

Start: Jan. 2, 2013
137.8 pounds
26.5 percent body fat
Waist: 29 inches
End: June 28, 2013
117.4 pounds
16 percent body fat
Waist: 27 inches

JoLynn Reddon, 41, admits now that she was a feast and famine kind of girl for many, many years. In the past she dealt with her weight challenges after motherhood by going on crazy restrictive yo-yo diets, especially when she and her family were going on a vacation. “I used to stress so much about what I would wear that I would go on starvation diets before our trips right up to the vacation and then fall off the deep end,” says JoLynn, who often would regain any weight loss and then some. Waging a constant battle with the scale, JoLynn remembers weighing herself two or three times a day during these fad dieting phases all while trashing her self-esteem and confidence time and time again.

This changed in December 2012 when her husband found Max Muscle Las Vegas and franchisee Jennifer Lee. Still JoLynn was slow to realize Jennifer, Max Muscle’s products and a customized nutrition plan could help her achieve her own goals. In the beginning, she thought Max Muscle products were just for men.

Frustrated, fed up and feeling fat, JoLynn finally asked Jennifer if she could help her with her nutrition. What happened next led to the fit and fabulous next phase of her life!

Starting at 137.8 pounds and 26.5 percent body fat, JoLynn started following the healthy nutrition plan created by Jennifer, who is also a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach. Over the next 6 months, JoLynn started to understand that she did not need to fear protein or supplements, that depriving herself of food only worked against her goals and that striving to be the “cardio queen” was not the answer. Instead she started eating! Eating healthy, whole foods that she could find right at her local grocery store and food that her busy and active family would also enjoy!

JoLynn had been afraid of strength training and afraid of eating, but the more she restricted her diet and did cardio, the more she found herself feeling unhappy, frustrated and out of shape. It seemed like nothing worked until she found Max Muscle. Jennifer showed her that Max Muscle stores offer the entire package: nutritional planning services, quality products and expert staff who care passionately about their clients. Just what JoLynn had been searching for – the total package and Max Muscle had it!

JoLynn used Max Muscle’s Core Four products daily: MaxPro, Vit-Acell Energy, Essential Omega and Max Glutamine. She also used CNS Black and ZMA because she suffered from insomnia.

According to JoLynn, “I ate a well-balanced diet, but it was still essential for me to complement it with vitamin and mineral supplements and the right type and quality of proteins. I needed to recover fast, refuel my muscles, regulate my hormones, have energy, improve my immune system and rest well! These products changed my life!”

jolynn_article_3The nutrition plan and supplements became a lifestyle change and JoLynn was able to continue her fitness journey, even on vacations. Along the way, the physical changes started being less noticeable than the changes going on inside, and even her husband admits this is a side he’s never seen in her in 19 years of marriage. She is more confident, happier, healthier and feels younger and livelier than ever before. JoLynn feels that because of this challenge and the monumental changes she has experienced, she now knows she is far more capable than she ever believed, and now she sees possibilities for life that she couldn’t see before.

JoLynn recommends the MaxForm Challenge for anyone looking to feel better and improve their health. From feast to famine, JoLynn is now fit and fabulous at 41!

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