Endurance Nutrition

Endurance Nutrition

Written by:  Gary Connell Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Max Muscle Highlands Ranch

The Importance of Protein for Endurance Athletes

Protein is valuable for endurance sports (marathons, ultra’s, cycling, tri’s, etc) it is vital to maintain a healthy body fat and help prevent damage to muscle tissue during training.  A concern often heard is that “eating a high protein diet will cause unwanted weight gain and muscle growth.” The type of training you are engaging in prevents both of those. High volume distance training does not produce muscle bulk, regardless of protein intake. Protein for endurance athletes allows for correct muscle repair and prepares the body to perform at high levels during every training session and especially during races.

The general endurance concept is carbs, carbs, carbs, these provide great energy but do not aid in repair or extremely long muscle endurance training and racing (90 minutes plus).  While carbohydrates are   the body’s preferred source of fuel, protein plays an important part in the energy and muscle preservation needs of endurance athletes. After about 90 minutes of exercise in  endurance athletes, muscle glycogen stores become depleted, the body will create glucose from the fatty and amino acids of lean muscle tissue. It’s a process called gluconeogenesis, which is when the body is literally cannibalizing itself to provide an alternative fuel option during a state of glycogen depletion. The degree of soreness  after a long, intense workout is a good indicator of just how much muscle cannibalization you have incurred.

Proper fueling during intense endurance activities can prevent this from taking place and keeping the athlete healthy and lean.  Enduromax from Max Muscle is the ideal combination for carbs, proteins and essential endurance activity nutrition.  This product provides the correct combination of nutrients to provide quick energy and long term performance fuel, as well as, aids in repair.  Post training nutrition is also vital in a healthy endurance athlete, this means a lean protein to help the body repair the damage that was produced during your training or race.  Please stop by and talk to the Max Muscle nutrition specialists and design your proper race, training and post nutrition program.

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