By: Matt Cooper, CFNC
From construction workers, painters, plumbers and everyone in between, physical demands are a commonality among1374022735-ross jobsite many conventionally-labeled “blue-collar” jobs. For this being such common knowledge, it comes as a surprise that for most in these trade industries, physical fitness, posture, functionality, stamina and overall health are not common practices. In fact, an overwhelming majority of men in the trades neglect to maintain and/or improve their health and fitness, even when their jobs depend on it! It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s examine certain cases and see what works for whom!

Hydration & Energy

Problem: Physically demanding blue-collar jobs can frequently occur not just for a long period of time, but in sweltering heat or difficult conditions. Many jobs can leave employees without proper hydration, electrolytes or sufficient self-produced energy or strength.

Solution: EnduroMax, Pro BCAA. Plumber Rick Williams likes to start his day off with a mix containing amino acids and electrolytes that he sips on to ensure he has the proper hydration and electrolytes to have the stamina required to not only maintain his time in the gym, but to then go on and put in a full day’s work. It also helps that Rick is on a Max Muscle fully-customized nutrition plan.

In fact, he’s lost 67 pounds so far doing a Max Muscle nutrition plan and has dropped from more than 30 percent body fat to in the teens. “I feel great, sleep better, look better than I did in my 20s and for the first time in 15 years, I look forward to taking my shirt off at the beach or pool,” Williams said.

Energy Drinks & Coffee

Problem: The reality is that energy drinks and coffee have become almost as associated with job sites as nails and tools. For most positions in the trade industry, job demands require an early rise. This often comes with an over reliance on coffee, energy drinks, energy shots and anything stimulant based, which can lead to adrenal health issues. Plus, energy drinks often contain excess sugar and chemicals, while coffee is very acidic. Both aren’t particularly friendly on the pocket book, either.

Solution: Emerge. Everyone knows Emerge is a fantastic weight-loss beverage that duals as a pre-workout energizer. What people don’t realize is that this product kills three birds with one stone! Go ahead and use Emerge up to twice a day in place of energy drinks, coffee, etc. You’ll never go back! Plumber Peter Levi finds that Emerge keeps him jazzed and ready throughout the day, allowing him freedom from expensive, unhealthy energy fixes. For those with pre-existing adrenal damage, try taking Max Muscle’s new ADRX for a period of time, but not before consulting with your certified fitness nutrition coach.


Problem: Many people in the trades work jobs that require a day’s labor that extends beyond the typical eight hours – in fact it’s almost normality. Twelve hour work days? Not so uncommon. This creates an issue for those who often need to hit back-to-back long days regularly.

Solution: Protein. Insufficient levels of protein can result in inadequate recovery. For General Contractor Pat Kiely, a nutrition client of Max Muscle Marin (Calif.), getting a steady intake of protein quantities throughout the day is paramount. Not only does this help with recovery, but protein powder is a must for general health, and especially when any degree of physical activity is involved. For the right type, ask your local nutrition coach.

Age & Testosterone

Problem: The same problem that occurs as a star athlete ages transcends into the trades. When a person’s body fails them and their means of income involves fitness and physical demands, this cannot stand. For men, not only does this mean their body may not be in tip-top shape (a condition to consult a personal trainer or physical therapist about), metabolism will have perhaps naturally slowed (consult a nutrition coach), but for many it means that testosterone levels will have dropped.

Solution: 2TX, MTX, Max Anabol, Max Tribustack, ZMA. For Max Muscle franchisee David Mulligan, who puts an equally-high value on his other business, Builders of Marin, things people take for granted, such as energy levels, endurance, strength, lean muscle, low body fat, recovery, sleep and healthy immune function are essential for his job as a general contractor. At age 48, supplementing 2TX into his regimen has proved to give him the necessary boost to get the job done. He recently added MTX into the lineup to support his consistent ZMA use as well. For more information on whether you may need these products, where to get hormone levels tested and which of these products may be right for you, consult your local Max Muscle certified fitness nutrition coach. MS&F

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