Arpana Prasad, 33, of Portland, Oregon used an unfortunate job loss in October 2012 and turned it into a blessing in disguise. “It was a chance to focus on me,” she said. “I was pretty devastated, overweight, not fit and depressed.”

It was Arpana’s friend, Sanjana Pahalad-Mancuso, franchisee of the Max Muscle Portland store who encouraged Arpana to sign up for the 2013 MaxForm Life Challenge contest and create a healthy goal to get motivated. Once she started focusing on clean nutrition and incorporated challenging workouts into her day, her body started to respond and soon she began thinking “what if I can?” This is when the real transformation began!

According to Arpana, something her fiancé, Josh Harrison, said at the beginning of the challenge really stuck with her. He said, “This challenge starts in December and it ends in June. June can come around and you can be the exact same or you might feel a little better.” Josh helped Arpana see that she could do anything for seven months.

Sanjana designed a customized nutrition plan and Arpana used the break in her career to focus on herself for once. “When you are working full time, it is hard to make it all fit,” she said. “This was a chance to focus on me.”

Sanjana convinced Arpana that the MaxForm Life Challenge would change her life, and it certainly did! As Arpana focused on her healthy goal, she started feeling better, and soon it became harder and harder to quit. Instead of being something she had to do, the workouts became something she wanted to do.

On Dec. 1 at a starting weight of 153 pounds and 33 percent body fat, Arpana started strategically approaching her health and fitness goals.

By the end of the challenge she weighed 117 pounds and had reduced her body fat to 12 percent, far surpassing her initial goal to get down to 125 pounds.

Arpana used Max Muscle products to supplement her whole-food nutrition. Her favorites included High 5, 1390248491-ArpanaLiquiCarn, CNS Black, Quadra Cuts Night-Time, Full Blown Extreme, Glutamine, Max Gourmet and Emerge.

The hardest part of the challenge for Arpana was actually getting started. Once she started, her body responded quickly and soon the mental transformation was becoming even more noticeable than the physical changes. She began thinking “what if” and one thought led to another. “What if I could actually look like one of those fitness competitors?” and “What if I train intensely today?” and “What if I eat clean today?”

Encouraged by her early success in the challenge, Arpana took a bold step in April and hired trainer Noel Fuller, who specialized in bodybuilding. It was a leap of faith but by April, Arpana was already regularly thinking “what if” so she was willing to step out of her comfort zone and admit she wanted to look like one of the fitness competitors she saw in the magazines.

Arpana reflects that in October of 2012 she was a wounded person. She doubted herself and didn’t have a goal to stay motivated. She was depressed and needed to lose weight. By April 2013, she had the reins in her hand, she was in control and she was determined to achieve her very specific goals. Life was on high octane!

By June 2013, Arpana had changed from the inside out. She said, “It doesn’t even have to be a weight-loss goal, it can be something else in life. If you want it, whatever it is, do whatever it takes to get to the goal – now. Stop using excuses.”

Will you dare to ask yourself, “what if?” MS&F

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