Amanda Freeseman Wins 2012 MaxFormation and $25,000!

Amanda Freeseman Wins 2012 MaxFormation and $25,000!

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It’s been said that it often takes a ‘Eureka Moment’ to initiate true change in a person.  For our new $25,000 Max Muscle Sports Nutrition 2012 MaxFormation Life Challenge Champion Amanda Freeseman, that moment came in late 2011.
“This past fall, while on a family vacation to Mackinac Island, Michigan, I was in a restaurant bathroom and was greeted by a nice woman. She smiled at me and asked, “When is the baby due?” I was very confused at first, then became ice cold once I realized she thought I was pregnant. “I look like I’m pregnant?!?” I thought to myself, but politely replied, “Oh, I’m not pregnant.” The woman was embarrassed, apologized, and left the bathroom quickly. I then entered a stall and balled my eyes out. I sat there and cried for a few minutes, then wiped my tears and met back up with my family to eat dinner. I never told anyone what had happened, but I will never forget those words and how they made me feel. I refuse to ever feel that way again… “
Listen as Max Muscle President Sean Greene tells Amanda she’s our $25,000 Grand Prize Winner…
Shortly after her vacation, she walked through the door of a Max Muscle store and her world began to change.  It was early November when her dedication started, and shortly thereafter she had heard about the MaxFormation contest and decided it was the perfect vehicle to get her back on track.
“I asked more about it and found out how to sign up, and I checked out the max muscle website and saw the online community of people just like me looking to change their lives and all the support and motivation they give each other. Immediately I knew this was EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. I need a team around me for motivation and support just like I had back when I played sports! I am so excited to join this challenge, join the team of max muscle people just like me, and get coaching from the knowledgeable max muscle employees.”

Amanda Before

Amanda Befor Back

Amanda after

Amanda after back
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition President Sean Greene was elated with the selection of Amanda as the 2012 $25,000 MaxFormation Champion.
“I’m always excited each year to have the privilege to personally break the news to the new MaxForm Champion. All of our MaxForm contestants work so hard and give so much for the duration of the contest. To see the results they are able to achieve is always very rewarding to us. It makes me personally proud to know that we are able to play a role in providing the inspiration, quality products and education to help our MaxForm contestants achieve their goals. We were inspired by many of the Top 10 finalists’ stories but none more than our new $25k MaxForm Champion, Amanda Freeseman. Amanda’s MaxFormation was truly amazing and she inspired all of us. On behalf of the entire Max Muscle family, I’m happy to announce Amanda Freeseman as our new $25k MaxForm Champion! “
Yes, that’s the same person.  Her results were not only visually stunning, but steady and consistent while following her local Max Muscle guidance.
“When I joined this competition I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to look like on the last day.” said our 2012 Champion Freeseman. “I am happy to say I have achieved my goal. :-)”
AMANDA on myMaxMuscle
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“On June 27, 2012, I weighed in at 150.2 lbs, down 53.3 lbs from my starting weight!
Body Fat: 22.7%      Excess Fat:  0.0lbs             Lean Weight: 115.9lbs      BMI:19.8
I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! ....and the journey has just begun!”

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