ACM – Advanced Carbohydrate Matrix

ACM – Advanced Carbohydrate Matrix

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is proud to introduce Max ACM, a scientifically based formula Triple Carb Matrix featuring three different molecular weight carbohydrates, including pure waxy maize starch (amylopectin), maltodextrin and trehalose. Max ACM has been formulated to support muscle and liver production of glycogen providing the necessary energy for endurance, bodybuilding and weight gain.


MMSN has been very successful in providing athletes with proven multi-source proteins and now Max ACM provides you with a highly versatile and multi-source carbohydrate formula. Glycogen loading (super compensation) or commonly called carbohydrate loading has been proven to enhance athletic performance. Endurance athletes benefit from glycogen loading to delay fatigue in events lasting one hour or longer. The ability to sustain prolonged exercise depends on muscle glycogen concentration.

Additionally, bodybuilders benefit from glycogen loading since each gram of glycogen is stored in muscle with approximately 3 grams of water resulting in an increase in muscle size and definition. Glycogen may be the most important fuel source for energy during exercise. There is a direct correlation between the glycogen stored in muscles and liver and the ingestion of carbohydrates. The enzyme responsible for the synthesis of glycogen is glycogen synthase.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that carbohydrate be ingested at a rate of 30 to 60 grams per hour to maintain oxidation of carbohydrates as fuel and delay fatigue.

Max ACM contains the Triple Carb Matrix and is highly multi-functional. The waxy maize starch (amylopectin) is a high molecular weight carbohydrate found to support glycogen loading. This dense and highly branched carbohydrate has an approximate molecular weight greater than 500,000 and approximately 100 times greater molecular weight than maltodextrin and 3000 times greater molecular weight than dextrose. The waxy maize starch molecule is absorbed far quicker as it passes through the stomach faster than dextrose or maltodextrin. The maltodextrin (glucose polymer) fraction of the Triple Carb Matrix is an easily digested short chain of 3 — 20 dextrose (glucose) units in length and a convenient source of intermediate energy to support high levels of energy during intensity or endurance exercise. Maltodextrin has been shown to be an ideal carbohydrate for energy replacement drinks. Lastly, the Triple Carb Matrix contains the cutting edge carbohydrate called trehalose. Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide containing 2 glucose units in an alpha, alpha 1,1 linkage. Trehalose is a significantly smaller molecule than the waxy maize starch or maltodextrin with a more extended digesting and absorption time. An addition benefit of trehalose is its ability to aid in nutrient absorption.

Each serving of Max ACM provides 40 grams of rapidly assimilated high molecular weight carbohydrates (waxy maize starch), intermediate molecular weight maltodextrin along with the low molecular weight trehalose providing the ideal amounts and forms of carbohydrates to maximize glycogen synthesis, and endurance activity, intense training sessions, bodybuilding, etc.

If you are a serious athlete who trains at a high intensity, Max ACM will provide you with three pure source carbohydrates that will allow you to train harder and longer before fatigue sets in. Max ACM is ideal for pre-loading, during exercise and post-loading strategies.

Pre-workout: Mix one serving (40 gm) of Max ACM with 16 to 20 ounces of pure cold water. Shake well for at least 20 seconds. Drink 30 minutes before your workout or as tolerated. May be mixed with your favorite protein, BCAA or pre-workout blend.

Post-workout: Max ACM is ideal for post-workout glycogen replenishing and halt catabolism.

Mix one serving (40 gm) of Max ACM with 16 to 20 ounces of pure cold water. Shake well for at least 20 seconds. Consume immediately after your workout. May also be mixed with your favorite whey protein, BCAA or pre-workout blend.

Weight Gain: For a delicious and nutritious high calorie drink, mix Max ACM with one or more of these; fruit, yogurt, milk, eggs, or juice. It is possible to ingest over 1,000 calories per drink when you combine additional food sources as mentioned. Try this 3-4 times a day; you should see results very quickly.

Max ACM is unflavored and extremely versatile. Max ACM complements with other MMSN protein powders to increase the total caloric value, creatine, glutamine, BCAAs and other strength and recovery supplements.

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