More than 700 Max Muscle Sports Nutrition customers said to themselves more than six months ago, “I’m going to change for the better.” This month, one of them will be selected to win the 2013 MaxForm Your Life Challenge.

7-1-2013 8-33-50 AM“MaxFormation” is not a weight loss, popularity, or beauty contest. The individuals you see on this page were randomly chosen to represent this contest. Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores from around the country were asked to submit pictures of their clients who they are particularly proud of. This article is not big enough to print them all….

To win the 2013 $25,000 Grand Prize, each of these 700+ contestants – all of whom just completed more than six months of focus on themselves, their diet, and their exercise regimes, must now be judged by the more than 160 Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores across the country & in Puerto Rico. International Max Muscle suppliers will be queried. The list will be narrowed down to the Top 20, the Top 10, and then finally, our Grand Prize Winner will be selected by the President of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, Sean Greene, to represent the total body transformation one can achieve in half a year when you focus intensly on living well, feeling great, and on supplementing your body with what it needs to reach peak performance.

What do contestants learn?degroot

“Up until the end of MaxFormation my number one goal was to lean my body out as much as possible while retaining as much muscle as I could. Now that I have stomped that goal and gotten smaller and leaner than I ever thought possible, it’s time to figure out what this athletic body can do.” ~ Female, Age 32

“My dedication and commitment has paid off! It truly has been a life changing time in my life. It has been every bit of difficult, challenging, enjoyable, and exciting at the same time.” ~ Male, Age 30

“I have never been this small in my entire life and I must say I’m loving it!” ~ Female, Age 22

7-1-2013 8-32-20 AM“Looking at the same people or yourself everyday you don’t really notice the effects of the lifestyle change, but seeing someone for the first time in years and they recognize it immediately!” ~ Male, Age 29

We’ve literally THOUSANDS of similar comments, testimonials, accolades, and declerations from people aged 17 and up. It is never too late to decide to feel better, look great, and be healthier than you’ve ever been before.

Friend us on Facebook for MaxFormation 2013 updates throughout the month of July as we begin the process of selecting that one indivudal that embodies this vision, their goals, and the Before and After photos and measurements that tell the story.

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